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How To Listen Like A Musician

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Combining my wide-ranging musical career as a performer with a lifelong passion for literature and ideas, I have recently found more opportunities to share stories and insights into music and life.

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TEDx London Business School - 24TH APRIL 2015

Have you ever wondered if you are getting the most out of your musical experiences? In this brief talk, I remind the audience of the fundamental components of music in our everyday lives, using just my violin and a dash of humour. Through demonstrating the concepts of listening and musical vocabulary, I hope that we can all get more out of music and more out of life.

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Video: Melissa Reiner speaks to almost 600 attendees at the brilliant TEDxLondonBusinessSchool conference event at the Royal Geographical Society in London, April 2015. Video copyright ⓒ TED

Here is a sample of the slides that accompany this presentation:

Presenting my Writing

As part of my Masters degree in Creative Writing at City University in London, I am finishing up a novel called West on the Happy. Here is an excerpt from a reading, which I gave at a charming venue in Farringdon, along with some of my wonderful classmates. Check out the video and let me know what you think on the YouTube comments!

Video: Melissa Elena Reiner reads an excerpt from her novel West on the Happy, which follows the tragicomic exploits of a Hollywood composer seeking redemption and legacy, despite one small setback: he's already dead.

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